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Ammonites are an extinct group of marine animals [cephalopods] which inhabited the world’s oceans. The name came from Ammon, an Egyptian god who took the form of a ram, probably due to the similar appearance of the ram’s horn.
It is said that ammonite is a stone of protection, stability and grounding, and provides insights into the future. Also, it is thought to be helpful in aiding breathing, relaxation and childbirth.
A myriad of colors may be seen in the inner chambers of these beautiful fossils as well as the much coveted irradescent outer shell, from which the gemstone ammolite is cut.
Each of these exquisite fossils has been selected for color, cut and delineation before being turned into a wearable piece of historical art.

Custom work also available. Contact seller for current pricing.
Ammonite earrings on 14k handmade ear wires. Matching pendant also available.


Moroccan ammonite with
Atlin gold nugget, 14k bail, adjustable cotton cord [17-23”]
Please contact Kathryn
for availability.
Bracelet of mastodon ivory
with six Atlin gold nuggets.
Fits small wrist, inside
diameter is 6.5”.

Harpoon relic of fossilized walrus tusk with Atlin gold nugget, silver swivel bail, bone and brown tiger eye beads, sterling silver clasp. 21”.
Ammonite with Atlin gold nugget, brass bail on braided black leather, brass end caps. 2.5”x1.75”, 20” long.

“Picasso Ammonite” with Atlin gold nugget, 14k bail, triple strand black leather cord with brass end caps. 21”.

Ammonite on braided brown leather cord with Atlin gold nugget and brass end caps. 2.5”x1.75”, 21.5” long.

More images indicating a broad selection of shapes, characteristics and weights are available on request.  
Please contact Kathryn Taylor  for further info.

Canada-Express Post [with signature] $14.00, US-Small Packet Air USA $14.00
Other countries or shipping methods please contact for info.

NOTE: Canada Post does not pay out insurance on claims with "gold bullion".
Other sites may offer to insure but I prefer not to charge customers for services which aren't available.
Though Canada Post is very reliable, shipping is at the risk of the purchaser.
Some credit cards may offer delivery protection, please inquire with them directly.