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Specimen Gold I Pendants I Earrings I From the Workshop I Fossils

CSG01: 0.74gm
CSG02: 2.48gm
CSG03: 1.52gm
CSG04: 0.95gm
CSG05: 5.29gm
CSG06: 0.62gm
CSG07: 1.81gm
CSG08: 1.17gm,
CSG09: 2.05gm
CSG10: 1.09gm
CSG11: 0.88gm
CSG12: 1.09gm
CSG13: 2.11gm
CSG14: 0.64gm

Contact seller for current pricing.
More images indicating a broad selection of shapes, characteristics and weights are available on request.  
Please contact Kathryn Taylor  for further info.

Canada-Express Post [with signature] $14.00, US-Small Packet Air USA $14.00
Other countries or shipping methods please contact for info.

NOTE: Canada Post does not pay out insurance on claims with "gold bullion".
Other sites may offer to insure but I prefer not to charge customers for services which aren't available.
Though Canada Post is very reliable, shipping is at the risk of the purchaser.
Some credit cards may offer delivery protection, please inquire with them directly.

CSG15: 1.02gm,
CSG16: 0.56gm
CSG17: 1.19gm,
CSG18: 1.54gm
CSG19: 2.2oz,
Price on request