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Crystalline and Specimen Gold

Over a century has passed since gold seekers on route to the Klondike discovered Atlin's rich gold deposits.
The year was 1898 when two young prospectors, Fritz Miller and Kenny McLaren struck major pay in the
gravels on Pine Creek. Since that time Atlin has been a major producer of fine placer and crystalline gold.

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Crystalline gold is the most rare and collectible of all golds. The sharp and well defined crystals are believed to "grow" in place in the placer sand when gold is held in water soluble complexes repre-
Placer gold is a form of gold which has collected in ancient stream and river gravels through mechanical and chemical weathering processes. Originally, the gold is emplaced in host rocks as vein deposits. Over time these veins may be eroded and gold transported through water flows. Gold particles have a tendency to aggregate together so gold nuggets can form as well as collect in these alluvial gravels.

Over thousands of years placer gold deposits of economic value can develop. Miners excavate the gold bearing gravels and collect nuggets in a sluice box. This process uses water and the high specific gravity of gold to wash and trap the gold during the separation process.